Cena Life News: Celebrating Louis Riel Day

Today is Louis Riel Day, and I find myself reflecting on my journey as a Métis woman and entrepreneur, deeply rooted in my family member, Damase Carrier, who fought courageously and fearlessly alongside Louis Riel.

For years, my connection to my culture and family history was like a puzzle missing crucial pieces. Despite not having all the pieces to tell my story, a sense of pride and honor resonates within me, knowing that my ancestors stood firm for the rights and recognition of the Métis people in Canada.

Louis Riel was more than a historical figure; he embodied the spirit of an unyielding fight for justice and equity. As I navigate the path of rediscovering my cultural heritage, and with the challenges I am facing as I support access to mental health services, I am inspired by the courage and resilience of Riel and my family. Their legacy is not just a testament to their time but a reflection of what guides us in our ongoing struggle for rights, recognition, and equity.

On my entrepreneurial journey, I carry with me many values including determination, courage, and advocacy and I believe these were demonstrated by my ancestors and Louis Riel.

Their fight was not just for the rights of the Métis people at the time, but also for the recognition and respect of our identity, culture, and our ways of being for today and for the future.

As I reflect on this day, Louis Riel Day, let us all take a moment to honour the legacy of those who fought for justice and the rights of the Métis people in Canada. May we all continue to learn about our history, celebrate our culture, and build a future where the rights and contributions of the Métis are recognized and respected. I am proud to come from a family that stood up for what is right, and I am honoured to carry forward their legacy and passion in my life and work.


Reverdi Darda

Founder & CEO

Today, we celebrate the bonds that strengthen our personal & mental well-being. Whether you’re spending time with loved ones or practicing self-care, we hope today brings moments of joy, connection, and peace.

Wishing you a day filled with warmth and positivity.

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