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Cena Life Inc. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Program

At Cena Life, we offer a 6-week Intramuscular ketamine program supported by a licensed interdisciplinary team that delivers programming in a supportive, welcoming environment. Ketamine is available in various methods, including oral/sublingual, intranasal, intramuscular, and intravenously at Cena; we offer Intramuscular ketamine

Our clients engage with several team members dedicated to meeting them where they are and walking with them throughout their healing journey. This journey begins with thorough preparation.  

Our licensed clinician will review the client’s medical and mental health history, then participate in a comprehensive psychiatric assessment. 

After the assessment, if approved, our clients will meet with a licensed psychologist to discover their intention and/or goals for the program. The next step is to schedule four (4), one on one, RN-led ketamine administration sessions, each followed by an integration session with a psychologist. As everyone’s experience is unique, ongoing maintenance for KAP is assessed individually. 

  • Medical/ mental health assessment 
  • Comprehensive Psychiatric assessment 
  • Preparation/intention session 
  • Four ketamine treatment sessions 
  • Four integration sessions 
  • Three interdisciplinary dosing rounds 


  • Medical/ mental health assessment 
  • Comprehensive Psychiatric assessment 
  • Preparation/intention session 
  • Six ketamine treatment sessions 
  • Six integration sessions 
  • Six interdisciplinary dosing rounds
  • Multiple RN/RPN check in calls


  • Medical/ mental health assessment (if longer than six months since KAP program participation) 
  • Comprehensive Psychiatric assessment 
  • One preparation/Intention session 
  • One ketamine treatment session 
  • One integration session 


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) Pillars

Cena Life Inc. is the coming together of Science and Nature through a focus on privately offered community-based psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies. At Cena Life, we honour the traditional power of natural medicine and bridge historical and emerging scientific accomplishments to bring safe, quality offerings and innovation to those needing alternative treatments. We increase access for individuals healing through our service offering of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). 

The discovery call determines an individual’s inclusion in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. Each client is required to complete a comprehensive medical and psychiatric intake package. This package includes induvial demographics, medical assessment forms and consent to share information. Our RN will lead each client through a one-on-one virtual “discovery call.” The client and clinician will establish rapport and ensure all the information is identified to complete a baseline medical and mental health assessment. The client will be asked to complete appropriate mental health psychometric assessment tools and have an opportunity to ask questions about the program. Our clinical team utilizes their knowledge and expertise to gather assessment information and provide a summary for our psychiatrist’s review. 

Our psychiatrist reviews the client’s medical information and the psychometric assessment scores and will meet with the client to complete a comprehensive assessment. Our psychiatrist and the client will mutually determine if KAP is an appropriate option for their condition 

The Intention setting session is integral to the healing process of KAP and is often called the “set.” This is an opportunity for our clients to begin a relationship with our psychologists and explore what they hope to achieve with KAP. Our psychologist will provide the client with what to expect from KAP, support them in establishing their intention and work with them to identify their healing goals. This same psychologist will support the client’s integration sessions throughout the program. 

“Holding space” or creating the “setting” for the client undergoing KAP is essential. To ensure client safety, it is a requirement for a client to identify a “designated support” person who will escort the client to and from their ketamine treatment sessions each week. The ketamine therapy sessions last approximately 2 1/2 hours to 3 hours, and during these sessions, the RN will administer intramuscular ketamine and closely monitor for any side effects. The RN may be accompanied by another non-clinical team member who will assist in a support role to meet the client’s personal needs as they arise. At the end of each session, there will be a short debrief with the client, which is a critical component to bridge into the integration phase of the program. 

The psychologist will meet with the client weekly to support the integration of their ketamine sessions. The optimal schedule for focused integration discussions is 48-72 hours (about three days) after the client’s ketamine therapy. We have taken this approach to provide the client time to process the experience by allowing for self-reflection and journaling of their initial reactions and feelings. During the one-on-one integration session, the psychologist and client will collaboratively explore the experience to respond to the therapeutic narrative. The integration session will focus on varied approaches to assist the client in sharing their insight from the ketamine session as they start to process and reflect on their experience. 

The Psychiatrist, Psychologist and Registered Nurse will meet weekly to discuss dosing adjustments. The initial ketamine dose prescribed by the psychiatrist is based on weight, the client’s age, and in-depth medical assessment. The doses will be reviewed as required and if needed, they are adjusted on a weekly basis. Each client is unique in how they metabolize the medicine, and some individuals may require incrementally increasing their doses throughout the KAP program to achieve the desired effect. Observations from the ketamine sessions (including physical, verbal, and emotional factors) and feedback from the Integration sessions will be considered at each dosing round to achieve optimum results for the client. 

Depending on everyone’s treatment path, the 4-6 week cycle of ketamine treatment followed by focused integration work may require maintenance. Maintenance depends on the client’s needs, healing goals and commitment ability. We will meet with the clients one month following the end of their program to review their progress and provide an overview of our maintenance program. Some clients may require maintenance treatment, and this will be assessed individually.