Our Clinic

About The Cena Life Clinic

At Cena Life we are focused on the mental health and well-being of individuals and families through the provision of accessible, high quality alternatives to traditional treatments.

Our targeted psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy clinic will offer community members access to regulated,  innovative, evidence-based, safe, natural medicine that is integrated with non-clinical alternatives to their care.

At Cena Life, you have a robust interdisciplinary team working collaboratively with you from start to finish in support of your healing journey.

Our Clinic Locations

Clients can currently access Cena Life services at two locations. One is located in South Edmonton, and the other in South Central Calgary at ATMA Journey Centers.

You will have easy access to parking and our home-like environment will provide you comfort and ease as our team assists you in exploring our integrated programs and services. We’re here to support your healing journey.