Physician and Psychologist

What to expect

Cena Life Inc. is offering an innovative healing opportunity through Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP).

If you are a new client, download this form for your doctor to complete and submit to our fax number. It is always more beneficial to have many different supports when you are seeking or undergoing a new treatment. If your physician is supportive of KAP having them do the referral provides for greater continuity of care. 

If you wish to seek treatment without a referral, we have an interdisciplinary team that will step in and support you. You are an integral member of our community and as you move along in your healing journey, we will share with you additional supports that you can access when your program is complete. Our private clinic provides an interdisciplinary team focused on your safety and healing. 

The healthier our minds and bodies can be the healthier our communities will be.

Physician Referral Form

Psychologist Referral Form​