Pay it Forward​

Support Access to New Mental Health Treatments

Pay it Forward: Reduce financial barriers for individuals struggling to gain access to these unique mental health treatments

We believe that everyone deserves access to mental health treatments and support. Join us in making a positive impact by contributing to this crowdfunding opportunity. Your generous donations will directly assist individuals in need, enabling them to access vital mental health treatments and services. Together, we can break down barriers to access  and promote well-being within our community. Let’s unite to create a brighter and healthier future for all. Every dollar you contribute helps us move one step closer to our goal of fostering mental wellness and offering a helping hand to those who need it most. Thank you for paying it forward!

*Clients will be identified by our health care team once assessed and approved for our program(s).  A portion of their costs will be covered by the “Pay It Forward” fund for the clients identified by our health care team who require financial assistance and are experiencing significant hardships. The final decision around use of funds will be at the sole discretion of the fund administrator. We prioritize those who are facing genuine challenges and require support to overcome them. We make every effort to assist as many individuals as possible taking into consideration the available resources.