Our journey is centered around the power of partnerships, interdisciplinary care, and community support. Collaborative endeavours amplify each partner’s collective wisdom, facilitating a dynamic exchange of expertise that thrives on continuous growth.

Cena Life and ATMA Collaborative Workshop & Services

Cena Life and ATMA are collaborating to organize and structure components of Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy (PAT) and the Special Access Program (SAP) so practitioners can feel supported in accessing these drugs. Even working within the narrow function and guidelines of the SAP, there is a lot Cena Life/ATMA can do to assist practitioners with success in both an SAP application approval and conducting PAT with it. 

Cena Life/ATMA will be facilitating workshops and developing administrative systems to provide physicians and practitioners with education, guidance, safety procedures, and protocols, as well as administrative support services to assist with the SAP applications and streamline treatment process upon approval.

Our workshops are provided through a team of multidisciplinary practitioners who are not only well-versed in healthcare but also in the field of PAT.

What you will learn in the Cena Life & ATMA SAP workshop:

  • Health Canada SAP guidelines​
  • Working with a team led by a physician or prescriber (plus a psychiatrist in Alberta)​
  • Patient eligibility criteria and how to screen and assess​
  • Drug accountability, suppliers, ordering and costs​
  • Filling out an SAP application​
  • Samples of SAP applications​
  • Informed Consent Forms​
  • PAT protocols for high standard of safety care​
  • Documenting and reporting

Register for the SAP Workshop

Workshop Information

  • October 2nd & 3rd​ @ 6pm MST (2 x 2hrs on back-to-back evenings)
  • October 16 @ 6pm MST (2hrs follow-up session)
  • Earn 6 CE or CME Credits
  • Additional workshops will be held based on demand

$249 CDN any practitioners with interests in the SAP and PAT

$149 CDN for all ATMA alumni​

$69 CDN for ATMA Advanced PAT Certification Program graduates

Physicians are needed

This workshop is for any practitioner who has taken psychedelic-assisted therapy training and is interested in learning more about the SAP as a possible avenue for PAT for eligible patients; as well, those also wanting to learn about how legal regulations for PAT in Canada will likely roll-out upon legalization.​

If you are a non-prescribing practitioner wishing to attend, we encourage you to network and encourage physician(s) and prescriber(s) to accompany you to the workshop. Physicians and prescribers are not just needed for the SAP and KAP, they will also play a crucial role in PAT when psilocybin and MDMA is legalized for therapy. Educating and getting physicians involved now is key to preparing this field for legalization.